Shannon Bergin Peterson
Hi Teresa, I just read a little in your blog and I'm curious why you directed
your attention to spousal betrayal, pornography and online? It's something that
is probably all around, but nobody talks about it. Good for you!

Teresa Maples
Hi Shannon, good question.  There are lots of reasons I am focusing my practice on porn, and sexual betrayal. For one, it is everywhere and no one talks about it.  Lots of people are suffering in silence and need a place to
talk and heal that is safe and confidential. I also noticed in my counseling practice that many couples struggle around sexuality but have a hard time bringing it up in counseling (lots of shame).  I didnt feel confident in my
ability to address it with couples either, so I got more training.  After learning about sexual addiction and how to treat it, i saw how couples who did not have an addictive process could also benefit from the information.  My passion is to help people overcome the shame or regret they feel and learn to live a life full of abundance and unconditional love for themselves and those they love. I hope that helps.